Marketing strategies and aspects revolving around the same have evolved over the course of time. The many steps that were implemented yesterday are no longer utilised today, as companies have come up with ways to outsmart themselves. Sitting on the forefront of such activities are certain brands which manage to take the London Fashion Week forward. Looking into the same, will give you a brief idea about how things work and also how to market yourself towards perfection. So to be more specific, here are top ways utilised by brands to promote London Fashion Week.

1. Revamping a Career

Revamping a Career

Wanting to work for the fashion industry is something that goes across the minds of many individuals. Through the aspects or events that they witness in their life, they are drawn towards fashion and want to become a part of the industry. For this very purpose, the London College of Fashion brought out Fashion Media and Communications Open Day. The sessions that it hosted were free, and anyone could attend the same. Considering the kind of recognition that they received, you need to note it down as an essential point of marketing.

2. Seminars

Conducting seminars and other related sessions are also another way to boost yourself during the London Fashion Week. This was visible when Mango, River Island, Selfridges, John Lewis, among others held in-store events where there were scheduled workshops, O&A sessions and much more for people to gain knowledge and have fun. As these sessions covered a wide range of topics, people were exposed to numerous facts and figures revolving around the subject of fashion.

3. Social Media

Social media has given all of us a platform where we can voice out our opinions and make matters heard. As a result, using this tool to stream your shows and to display your skills in fashion stands to be a unique idea that has kept top brands busy. By looking into the shows that are already present on this front, you can make changes by bringing something different. Hence, when the time is right, take all your opportunities and make good use of it.


4. Customisable Products

One of the best ways to grab attention is to provide individuals with a gift of sorts that carries your brand name. Coffee cups, fashion apparels are essential aspects that are going to help in this regard. By giving them away, you will create a certain kind of following, and people will begin to take note of the name on the product. Although individuals are well-informed to understand that it is a marketing strategy, it still manages to create a good response as it is given out for free.