A lot of people tend to hold on to the thought that high fashion looks are costly and far from being affordable. While some of them do qualify to prove that statement, not everything follows the same line. There are a number of looks that are classy and affordable at the same time. So to give you a brief idea about the same, here’s how you can score high fashion looks on a medium budget.

1. The All Black Appeal

A complete and formative black appeal does make matters interesting as the look is a classic that will never go out of style. The ultimate form of function outfit brings in the right dose of black by adding in fabrics like denim, suede, canvas and a change of variation coming in the form of black-grey t-shirts. A sense of charm is bestowed all over this look, and you might also be regarded as a cool biker or a metalhead. So grab your wallet and proceed to find the aspects that are mentioned above.

All Black Appeal

2. Merging Logos

Heavily branded clothing but might be few among the hardest to replicate with a small budget. But that does not make it impossible as there are numerous ways through which you can pull this thing off. Revived heritage sportswear brands are the main target in this context as they managed to give out top options like Reebok, Champion, Ellesse and so on. While you can go all out to ensure that the look is maintained, you also need to keep your eyes wide open because, at times, things can become expensive.

3. The Classic Sportswear

Classic Sportswear

The sportswear look is making heads turn, and it also manages to come in the form of casual dressing. While you may be driven to top brands to avail the same, here’s what you need to do if your budget is minimal. To start things off, you need joggers that steer slim and can be cuffed at each hem. Apart from that, you can go for a shirt or a technical jacket for the top as it makes things loose. Specific detailing and other such aspects can be avoided on this front as you may need to shell out a lot.

4. A Chunky Trainer

The chunky trainer look is another one that has been trending. As they stand out for their design, you can be assured to formulate a perfect look that is going to grab all the attention. For this very purpose, you should check out Nike and their Air Monarch. Considering the fact they were the initial creators of the look, it would make sense for you to do some exploring with their categories.